How to achieve breakthrough innovation in management of wire and cable enterprises

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Any industry, management is the cornerstone of enterprise development, is also an eternal topic of enterprises, the same is no exception, as a manufacturing industry, management is particularly important

Any industry, management is the cornerstone of enterprise development, is also an eternal topic of enterprises, the same is no exception, as a manufacturing industry, management is particularly important, directly related to the profitability and profitability of enterprises. Therefore, every wire and cable enterprise attaches great importance to management. Any kind of management is not omnipotent, it must change with the change of market environment, which requires continuous management innovation. Innovation is the driving force of modern enterprise progress, and is the decisive factor to strengthen the core competitiveness, achieve leapfrog development and realize sustainable growth.
For the wire and cable enterprises, the important management innovation should be started from several aspects. First, we should take the initiative to attack from a correct attitude, initiative consciousness, and no need. At present, the development of new products of wire and cable is very fast, the life cycle of the products is shorter and shorter, and more and more new fields and new topics are involved. How to determine the technical requirements? How to deal with special requirements? Where is the standard? Many of these are new problems unique to China. The industry standards and national standards have not been issued yet. The relevant international standards use environment does not include these conditions, etc., relying on and without hope. Enterprises only take the initiative to attack, and the standards are in advance, and the enterprise standards are formulated to ensure the product quality and meet the customer requirements. Compared with the enterprise standardization in the planned economy era, the responsibility of enterprise standardization is greater. It is necessary to establish enterprise standards and guide product development and product production.

In recent years, news about the quality of wire and cable products has been constantly seen in the media. To improve the development level of enterprises, the quality of products must be guaranteed first. Therefore, to improve the management innovation ability, we must improve the product standard quality and lay a solid foundation for ensuring the product quality. Although the enterprise quality management system is established, we will continue to encounter new problems that need to be improved. Constantly improving the quality management system is an eternal subject of enterprise standardization. When the national standards and industry standards lag behind the development of new products, the product standards of enterprises are the important guarantee for enterprises to participate in international and domestic market competition. The quality of product standards of enterprises undoubtedly determines the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

We should innovate and build a good technical standard system for enterprises and improve their competitiveness. There are differences in Enterprises: different scale, different products, different technical fields and different customers, it is impossible to solve the problems of enterprises in a unified technology system in the same way once and for all. Enterprise standardization must be innovative and pragmatic. The standardization of enterprises should be included in the key work. The standards are drafted and patent protection is applied. The joint scientific research institute and other institutes have verified the standards one by one. At the same time, the national experts of the industry should be invited to check the standards, which can improve the quality of enterprise standards. The release of enterprise product standards lays a solid foundation for winning the market to ensure the product quality.
The innovation of enterprise management should be guided by the market, vigorously develop high-tech, promote the application of new knowledge, new technology and new technology, actively develop new products and actively promote the reform of science and technology system. The technological achievements of enterprises are finally shown in products and in the market. Because of the active adjustment of product structure, we should strive to make the products develop to the direction of high technology and high added value, so as to speed up the pace of technological innovation. We will adhere to key breakthroughs and, in accordance with the strategic policy of "market orientation, high starting point and high added value", we will focus on launching a number of products with strong market demand and high technology content. Adhere to the combination of production, learning and research, and jointly develop with scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and industry manufacturers by means of self research and development or external internal connection, so as to make new product development efficient, achievements promoted and applied quickly and information feedback timely. Strictly set up the project initiation system for new products, and vigorously incline new product R & D in capital, human resources, etc., establish new product R & D award and new product sales award, and attract production and sales personnel to participate in it, give full play to the collective advantages of the integration of "research, production and marketing" of new products, and provide favorable guarantee for the implementation of the project. At the same time, we should actively participate in the drafting of industry and national standards.

With the development of China's economy, Chinese wire and cable enterprises should pay more and more attention to internationalization. In fact, many large-scale wire and cable enterprises in China have already begun international layout. However, no matter the wire and cable enterprises or other enterprises, they lack international experience. What procedures should be followed for the internationalization of wire and cable enterprises How to establish the international management system? It has been put on the agenda, and the international management is not good, which is easy to cause the customer dissatisfaction or complaint due to quality problems. Internationalization has attracted the attention and attention of the wire and cable industry. Internationalization contains technology and benefits. The standards quoted by some output products are mature abroad, which seems simple, but contains technical know-how. We must be very careful. We must establish development procedures, establish the system of examination and approval, and accidents will occur if we have any carelessness. To improve the quality management system is an eternal subject of enterprise standardization. Only continuous improvement can make the enterprise have vitality and adapt to the changing environment and space.

The management is based on the management of people. Management innovation must make the staff level improve constantly, which requires a good cultural construction of the enterprise. The enterprise should strengthen the standard publicity and implementation training and improve the standardization level of the whole staff. For example, to build a public network of enterprise technical standards; Standard by category, according to product directory, including PDF standard text, with quick search function. This is convenient for publicity and implementation standards and standards for use, and the standards for technicians are also very convenient and quick; We should publicize and implement important standards and determine important standards (domestic and international standards with significant relevance to the industry); Translation of important foreign language standards is an important issue, and it should be assisted by professional institutes and personnel. The basic level inspectors should also be included in the key groups of basic standard learning.

In the complex environment with rapid changes in science and technology and business environment, managers of wire and cable enterprises must grasp the new trend and new requirements of management innovation and development, constantly carry out management innovation and permeate the innovation in the whole process of management. To create for employees, we can set up a stage and make everyone have the opportunity to be innovators. We should pay attention to the cultivation of individual culture, create unique business model, and make enterprises in the invincible position in the market competition. Specifically, in the context of information, marketization and integration, enterprises must innovate constantly in concept, technology, organization and system to achieve sustainable development, guide enterprise management with new theories, survive in change and develop in innovation.