Our company fully implements the ISO9001-2008 international quality management system. In the process of product manufacturing, we strictly implement the 3 + 3 inspection system, namely raw material inspection, semi-finished product inspection, and finished product delivery routine inspection; Self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection in the process of each process flow. The quality of products is effectively controlled to ensure that the unqualified products do not leave the factory and the qualified rate of products reaches 100%. When users have specific requirements, R & D and production will be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements. Without specific requirements, production will be organized in strict accordance with national standards.

Quality policy and objective

1. Quality policy: quality first, customer first, do everything possible to meet customer requirements
2. Quality objectives: the customer satisfaction is more than 95%, the pass rate of inspection is more than 97%, and the pass rate of supervision and inspection is 100%.
3. Quality commitment: strictly implement the terms of the quality assurance commitment.

Quality control measures

1. According to is09001:2008, namely GB / T19001-2008 standard, the quality management system is established and documented, which will be implemented and continuously effective by all employees of Huanya.

2. Effectively control all documents of relevant departments of the company's quality management system, ensure that the documents used by the company are under control, and ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system.

3. The records in the quality management system shall be controlled to prove that the operation of the quality management system and the product quality meet the specified requirements.

4. To review the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the company's quality system.

5. Control the process of new product development and special contract implementation to ensure that the products meet the relevant needs. Organize new product development and quality planning and management activities of special contract products and processes.

6. In order to ensure that the purchased materials meet the requirements and meet the needs of the company's operation. Make the purchasing process under control. It specifies the principles and methods of evaluation, selection, control and re evaluation of suppliers providing materials, puts forward requirements for the preparation and approval of procurement documents such as material procurement plan and the verification of purchased products, and makes specific provisions for the implementation of procurement work.

7. To control the factors affecting the production, installation and service process of the product quality, so as to prevent unqualified products and ensure the manufacturing quality of the product.

8. Control the process of re handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery of purchased materials, semi-finished products and finished products, so as to prevent product damage and deterioration and deliver them to customers in good condition.

9. Monitor and measure the information about customer satisfaction to ensure the effectiveness of quality management system and define the scope of improvement.

10. Ensure the normal operation of the quality system and achieve the quality objectives, monitor and measure the necessary operation process and related resources.

11. Control the inspection and test of purchased materials, external processing products, processes and final products to ensure that all activities meet the specified requirements and product quality. The contents and methods of inspection and test for purchased materials, external products, processes and final products shall be formulated in detail.

12. In order to ensure the effective control of unqualified products, prevent the unexpected use or delivery of unqualified products, ensure that the product quality meets the specified requirements, and specify the treatment methods and requirements of unqualified materials, unqualified semi-finished products and finished products.