PVC insulated wires and cables with rated voltages up to and including 450/750V

This product is manufactured according to the standard of GB/T9330-2008 "PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable with rated voltage 450/750V and below".

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1. Product standard

This product is produced in accordance with the standards of GB/T5023-2008 "Rated voltage 450/750V and PVC insulated cables", JB8734-1998 "Rated voltage 450/750V and PVC insulated cables, wires and cords". Users need to produce according to the International Electrotechnical Commission's recommended standards IEC, British standards, German standards and American standards.
2. Scope of application
This product is suitable for power plants, fixed wiring and flexible connection electrical appliances with a rated voltage of 450/750V and below.
3. Use characteristics
3.1 The rated voltage U0/U is 450/750V, 300/500V and 300/300V.
3.2 The maximum allowable long-term working temperature of the cable conductor is 90℃
227IEC07 (BV-90)——90℃.
227IEC08 (RV-90)——90℃.
Other models-70℃.
3.3 The ambient temperature during cable laying should not be lower than 0°C.
3.4 Cable bending radius:
D≤25mm——≥4 D
D>25mm——≥6 D
D —Outer diameter of cable




Description: 1-Conductor  2-Insulation layer  3-Inner cladding layer  4-filler  5-copper wire braided shield layer  6-outer sheath