Low-smoke and low-halogen power cable

Enterprise standard Q/R-TW6004-2002, this standard adopts GB12666.6B-1990 equivalently.

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1. Product standard

Enterprise standard Q/R-TW6004-2002, this standard adopts GB12666.6B-1990 equivalently.
2. Purpose
This product is suitable for places where AC rated voltage 0.6/1kV plastic insulated power cables, 450/750V plastic insulated control cables, 450/750V and below electrical equipment wires and cables are used, especially subways, large shopping malls, nuclear power plants, etc., and at the same time All kinds of transmission and distribution, control, alarm and fire protection lines that require high temperature, fire resistance, and flammability.
3. Use characteristics
3.1 Rated voltage: U0/U, according to different product series from 300/300V to 0.6/1kV
3.2 The maximum allowable long-term working temperature of the cable conductor is: 70℃, 90℃, 105℃
3.3 When short-circuit (the longest duration does not exceed 5s) the maximum allowable temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed: 160°C at 70°C; 250°C at 90°C
3.4 The ambient temperature during cable laying should not be lower than 0°C.
3.5 The bending radius of the cable shall comply with the regulations of the corresponding non-flame retardant product standards.
3.6 High flame retardant properties.
3.7 Oxygen-insulated high flame-retardant cables are used in flame-retardant places that require higher requirements to pass IEC332-3A
3.8 The current-carrying capacity of the cable measured under the upper environment is not lower than the current-carrying capacity value of the ordinary cable of the corresponding model and specification.



Description: 1-conductor 2-fire-resistant layer 3-insulation layer 4-flame retardant filler 5-flame retardant coating layer 6-oxygen barrier layer 7-flame retardant coating layer 8-outer sheath